Stephen Coates “Spearhead” by Proarte – Size 8

Stephen Coates “Spearhead” by Proarte – Size 8

Price: £6.95

Exclusively designed round brush with a long brush head and sharper point

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The “Spearhead” brushes have a normal round profile but have a longer length and taper gently to a sharper point than most standard round brushes. This allows the artist to use the tip for finer lines and sharper corners whilst holding much more water. This brush head shape is made exclusively for artist Stephen Coates and is made with a fully synthetic version of sable. It acts like sable, it looks like sable and it feels like sable. For sable lovers this is a breakthrough, for synthetic lovers these go to a new level. As used in the new Proarte Sablene range. A beautiful new brush for the discerning watercolour artist!

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