Stephen Coates “Scimitar” by Proarte – Medium

Stephen Coates “Scimitar” by Proarte – Medium

Price: £5.85

Special signature version of the Proarte Swordliner

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The “Scimitar” has the same brush head as the Proarte “Swordliner”. This particular version has the Prolene Plus synthetic hair and a much longer handle. Made exclusively for Stephen Coates. The amazing design of the brush head provides a curving taper towards the tip which ends with a single hair. Turning the brush allows the artist to vary the width of a brush stroke ranging between the fineness of a rigger and a wide flat brush, all in a single movement. The large brush head acts like a reservoir, capable of delivering dozens of brush strokes through the tip without having to constantly top up with paint. Used for painting grasses, reeds and floral painting. For best results hold the brush with the blade away from you and the end of the brush pointing down, and then flick upwards. Available in sizes Medium and Large.

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