“The Watercolour Enigma”

“The Watercolour Enigma”

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New Edition

Updated version of the book now contains 128 pages. Content is the same as previous edition with a fresh layout and design. I can send you a signed copy, so please send me an email with a name at the time of order if you would like it personalised. mail@coatesart.plus.com


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I am delighted to announce that a brand new edition of my first watercolour tuition book has been published by Search Press. It is based on my watercolour courses and is quite different from other books on the market. You will find a comprehensive theme throughout which deals with the behaviour of watercolour paint and why it should be approached differently from any other artist's medium. I am really excited about this book and truly believe that it will bring the reader to a fresh understanding about using watercolours. Watercolours are a little mysterious and difficult to understand, often misused and dismissed. Hence the title, "The watercolour enigma". Understanding the basic science of water is vital to bring about successful watercolour painting. The "Watercolour enigma" is a step by step course which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. I am convinced that you will progress far more quickly as a watercolour artist if you complete this course, digest all the information within its pages and commit to plenty of practice.

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