Art Materials - ACCESSORIES

  • £16.95

    Drawing board table stands

    Unique design gives stability to your drawing board on any table top. At 12 degrees, the drawing board sits at the perfect angle for watercolour painting and drawing. Each stand is independent and they can be set as far apart as required. The moulding on the front does two jobs. The upper part holds the drawing board and prevents it from sliding towards you and the lower part prevents the stand from pushing away from you across the table. At 14 inches from front to back, the stands will comfortably support a board up to 18 inches deep with an overhang of approximately 3 inches at the back. Hand made from solid wood, all fixings glued and screwed together. Supplied unvarnished. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 21 DAYS FOR DELIVERY

  • £5.25

    Masking Fluid by Winsor & Newton

    Art Masking fluid to protect white areas of the paper and easy to peel off. WARNING  – Do not use good quality brushes to apply.

  • £2.20

    Masking Tape – 25mm width – 50m length

    High grade, heat resistance masking tape. Tested to perform all functions for watercolour painting. Holds paper down strongly, stays firm during constant soaking and hair drying. Peels off without residue when used to mask on the painting itself. TIP: Use a hair dryer to heat up the tape as you peel it off. The glue softens when it is heated to 80 degrees c and the tape should just come away without tearing the paper. This may not work on cheap or soft surface paper.

  • £5.50

    Mixing palette tray

    Plastic artist’s palette with large flat surface perfect for mixing watercolours. Unavailable in art stores and a lot cheaper than most other manufactured palettes. Dimensions approx. 31cm x 24cm. As featured in “The watercolour enigma”.

  • £5.60

    Proarte Brush Rack

    Handy plastic rack for storing paint brushes. Brush heads stand free to dry without distorting their shape.